The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

One high chair has been making quite the noise among parents lately, but is it worth all the hype? Today we will be reviewing a very traditional baby high chair, the Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair, Bobble Heads.

In this review, you will be introduced to the high chair's features, pros and cons so that you get the clearest perspective of the product. Will the Baby Trend Sit's Right High Chair be your kid's next big furniture? Let's find out!

The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair


Everybody knows, well parents do at least, that huge and bulky baby products are stressful and annoying, to say the least. So let's start with featuring the size of the Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair. This high chair measures 22 x 27 x 39.5 inches in dimensions, which is just right in my opinion; not too small that it sandwiches the baby nor too big that it interferes your walkway. The high chair weighs in at just 17 pounds, making it light enough for carrying around here and there around the house without breaking a sweat.


The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair is made out of a selection of high-quality steel, plastic, and fabric. The stainless steel framework of the high chair promises longevity and durability to the baby's weight. The chemical components, the tray most importantly, are dishwasher safe. The fabric is also very easy to clean: just wipe all the mess and goo away with a wet damp cloth and you are done. Maintenance is a breeze with the Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair!


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This furniture has some free adjustability features that will provide the utmost comfort for the child. It has three recline seat positions that will make sure your baby can always choose between sitting upright or reclining back to a more relaxed position. It has six height adjustments that offer the baby's growing legs that extra room. This height adjustment is also great when you want to change the high chair's height to match the height of other furniture, like the dining table.

It is a familiar problem to have the tray pressed very close to the baby's chest or stomach. It is uncomfortable as it is, and it only gets worse when this tray also happens to be non-adjustable. The Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair has a tray that can be set to 3 different positions, and you can do it all single-handedly!

The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

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The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair has a wide base, making the entire structure rather bottom-heavy which is perfect for creating reliable stability. The high chair has plastic skid pads on the bottom of the furniture, which I am not a big fan of. I think a rubber skid pad has so much more grip on the floor than plastics. Including lockable wheels would also have been very much appreciated by parents; would have made the high chair "stroll-able." Having said that, the Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair does provide ample amount of sitting security with a 3-point safety harness to help hold your baby in place throughout all the kicking and squirming.

One important point to know about this high chair is that it is made to support children who can sit upright themselves already, and are less than 40 pounds. And I know how much credible a certified baby product can be to parents, so I have brought the Baby Trend Sit-Right High Chair especially knowing that it is JPMA certified and conforms to ASTM F404 Satiety Standards.


One of the most coveted features that consumers look for in high chairs is fold-ability. The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair snaps into free-standing furniture in an instant. This feature also makes it very portable and easy to store.

The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

One other convenience is that the tray is removable; perfect for cleaning and if you want to set the high chair against a table for family dinners!


  • Small add lightweight; portable
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean
  • JPMA certified and conformed to standard safety standards
  • Very adjustable; perfect for a growing baby
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lacks proper skid-pads
  • Company does not offer any warranties
  • Low weight limit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does it fold flat? Or does it bulge? Can it be stored in a narrow spot?

A: No, it does not fold entirely flat; does bulge out a little bit. It folds close just fine, but its legs are still a little spread apart (that's what makes it free-standing). I think it would store better it places a little wider since the legs are spread a few inches from each other.

Q: Does it have the built-in cup holder?

A: No, it doesn't unfortunately. The tray is flat and plain.

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Final Words

The Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair is a fabulous high chair undoubtedly. It is cute, easy to clean, portable, secure and not to mention, affordable! But in all honesty, it skimps on the safety fun the furniture by subtracting rubber skid pads from the base. This could easy have the entire chair topple over if you have an active, moving baby, and that is an absolute deal-breaker for me. Would not recommend.

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