Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair, Blue Review

Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair can be a good option  for you. This high chair is portable so you can conveniently take it with you for outside dinners, as well as at open places, say for a family picnic. The high chair is like the start of an adventure for your little one which they can explore alongside their family. The lightweight high chair makes the carrying super easy as it weights approximately 8 pounds only.

There is absolutely no assembly required to make the high chair useable. The high chair comes ready right of the package and is super easy to use. Moreover, a convenient carrying bag is added to help you in carrying it around with you. This travel high chair can be used for babies aging 3 months to 3 years.

Now I will talk about some more features of this travel high chair to give you an overall idea about the product. Hopefully this will help you in getting a clearer picture of the product and its usage.

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This can be a practical solution for anyone, but especially for active families who don’t want to stop their adventure because of the addition of a new member in the family. The super portable Ciao! Baby Travel high chair is a free standing chair for the baby. The portable high chair comes with a carrying bag as well so be it around the house, or outside at a camping or beach trip, you know your baby is secure and safe as long as they are strapped and comfortable in this high chair. As it weights only approximately 8 pounds, taking it around with you is no big hassle either.


This Ciao! Baby travel high chair is easily foldable. This means you get to fold it down to make it compact in size for convenience in travelling. When folded up, the high chair becomes smaller than a fold up law chair so you can easily toss it inside your car without having to make extra room for it.


The Tray Dips

And it is the only negative point of the otherwise great chair. The area which is located right above the opening of the legs dips toward the baby, which means anything you put on the tray, will slide off straight into the seat, as there are no hinges on the tray. There is a T bar needed right in that spot to keep the food where it belongs. You can put in a small one together by using scrap wood. But the thing is, you should not have to put in extra work to make the product useable so that is a negative point in my opinion.


The seat itself is very comfortable for the kid as the cushion is padded with a soft material. There is a leg rest area as well to help your kid put the legs in a lounging style rather than having their feet dangle over. There is a T shape lap belt that helps in keeping the little one strapped onto place, so that you can concentrate on your work and other things without having to constantly check on your baby. And there is a cup holder to make the meal time even more convenient and comfortable for both you and the little one.

Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair, Blue Review

Now for some potential pros and cons of using the Ciao! Baby Travel high chair to give you an overall gist of the product’s performance.


  • Traveling becomes easy as the high chair is super lightweight.
  • Foldable enough to be folded down into a compact size.
  • The seat is comfortable.
  • The lap belt is convenient.
  • Cleanup is easy.
  • There is a cup holder.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.


  • The tray dips and the food lands right on the baby’s lap as there are no hinges to stop that from happening.
  • The leg holes might be too small for bigger babies.

Q: Does it come apart?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: Yes, the maximum weight capacity is 35 lbs.

Q: Are there rubber tips on the bottom of the legs to keep the chair from scratching my wooden floors?

A: Yes, there are rubber tips on the bottom of the legs. They will probably keep the high chair from moving around as well.

Q: Can you carry it on a plane?

A: Yes, as it folds down in the size of a umbrella stroller and also comes with a carrying bag.

The Ciao! Baby Travel high chair is a best buy other than the negative side where the tray dips down when the baby sits down. If you want to keep your baby occupied and strapped down when you work or travel, then this is a great buy and I will recommend it to you.

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