This fast folding high chair is super easy to fold even with one hand in a snap to store your high chair at a moment's notice. It takes a snap to fold it down, and I love this feature. I believe all busy parents will do. Other than that the storage system is another favorite feature of mine.

The chair is ultra slim and thus a space saver to fit even in compact spaces for easy storage. Make your place clutter free with this easy storage option. You can fold it in the pantry and closet in between the meal times. The cleaning up is super easy as the seat pad lets you simply wipe off the mess your little one makes to keep the space tidy and clean. There is a large mesh storage basket added with the high chair to keep your baby's essentials right at your fingertips during snacks and meal times. The product weights 20.2 pounds.

Graco Slim Snacker, Whisk Review

Now I will list down the necessary and convenient features of the Graco Slim Snacker to give you a better idea about the product.

Fast Folding

Enter your teThis is ultra fast chair when it comes to folding. The high chair features an easy one hand, one-second fold system that lets you store your high chair at a moment's delay. The fast folding means you can store it away from your eyes and keep your space clutter free until the next meal time. Busy parents will love this feature as it is not only quick but also super handy.xt here...

Space Saver

The ultra slim feature of this high chair will help in making your home clutter free. One of the best features of this high chair is its ultra slim fold function. For everyone these days, space is an issue, and this space saver high chair is designed to fit in small spaces such as pantry or closets. Once you fold up the high chair, it will stand on its own due to the self-standing feature, and you will be able to easily slide the chair into a pantry or closet in between your child's meal and snack times.

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Cleaning Is Easy

Cleaning up can be done in a snap with this high chair, and I am sure busy parents will love this feature as well. I feel like this high chair was specifically designed for keeping the busy parents' thoughts in mind. The high chair comes with an easy to clean seat pad that is made with a wipeable fabric. This means it will not make stains either. The fabric can be wiped down with a clean and wet cloth to make your little one's space tidy and clean for meals and snacks.

Graco Slim Snacker, Whisk Review

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Chair with a Storage

Enter your text hYes, there is a built-in storage on the baby chair as it has a large and meshes storage basket to make your life easier. This basket can be used to keep your child's essentials at your reach, starting from bibs and your baby's favorite toys to new cups. It is a great organizational feature which busy parents will especially appreciate.ere...


The seat is made with a full soft material to keep your baby comfy throughout the meal times. Other than that there is also a quick and comfortable footrest that helps in keeping your baby properly positioned during the meals and snacks. This feature also means that your child's legs will not dangle on air so that they will be more comfortable. Comfy babies result in happy mealtimes for the whole family, so I love this feature of the chair.

Graco Slim Snacker, Whisk Review

Easy Meal Time

The high chair has a full sized tray to provide your child with plenty of space to have everything on the day's menu. And there is conveniently built in cup holder as well. Your baby and you, both will benefit from this handy design of the tray with the cup holder.

Now we will take a look at the pros and cons of having this high chair for your baby.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Easily folds down.
  • Folds in an ultra slim standing position which can fit in a pantry and closet.
  • Wiping down the seat cover is easy.


  • There is no height adjustment option.
  • The leg divider is attached to the tray so using the chair without tray is not possible.
  • There are no wheels underneath so moving around with the baby on it is not easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the height?

A: The total height of the high chair is 40.8 inches.

Q: Is there any age limit?

A: There is none. You can use the reclining positions to adjust your baby accordingly.

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Final Words

The Graco Slim Snacker high chair will be a great option for busy parents with minimal space. I will recommend this product.

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